Guide Shipping Protection

What is Guide Shipping Protection?
Guide Shipping Protection includes logistics insurance and distribution guarantee.

What is logistics insurance?
Logistics insurance is a form of insurance designed to provide compensation for loss, damage or loss that occurs during transportation and logistics. This type of insurance is typically used to cover the risks and contingencies that goods may encounter at various stages along the entire supply chain, from supplier to end customer. Logistics insurance can help reduce your financial risk and ensure your goods are properly protected during transportation.

The number of development in the transportation sector has eased and increased the movement of goods from one place to another. But as transportation activities helped various businesses to grow and flourish, similarly, the goods contain several risks associated with them while transiting. This is where our goods in transit insurance policy will come in handy!
From offering the exact protection to covering up the losses against the thievery or any damages to the products while being transported— nothing gets missed out from our list. So, what are you waiting for? Get good insurance right away to keep your contents totally safe and stay stress-free during transportation.

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Theft of goods
Loss or damage of goods
Any accidents while transiting


Damages of goods resulting from any accidents, like fire, water damage, infestation, bad weather conditions, vandalism, etc
Lost of the products while in transit
Any kind of damage from something being dropped during the loading, unloading, or off the moving vehicle.

What is delivery guarantee?

Delivery guarantee is a commitment or service provided by us (retailers) and the logistics companies we cooperate with to ensure that goods are accurately delivered to customers according to certain standards and schedules. It is a service guarantee dedicated to improving the reliability and quality of logistics and delivery processes.

On-time delivery: Delivery guarantees typically include a promise to deliver goods on an agreed-upon delivery date or time. This means customers can expect their goods to be delivered within the agreed timeframe without experiencing delays.

Delivery status tracking: Delivery assurance often includes the ability to provide real-time tracking of shipment status. This allows customers to view the location and delivery progress of their goods at any time.

Safe Delivery: Delivery coverage includes the responsibility to ensure that goods remain intact during delivery. If goods are damaged or lost in transit, the carrier is usually responsible for compensating the customer.

As mentioned above, if your package is damaged in any way before signing for it, please contact us or file a claim directly through Seel Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection is a value-added service offered by Guide. Please do not purchase Buyer Protection as a stand-alone item. For eligible orders, opting in Buyer Protection at checkout or cart page guarantees safe delivery of your package by protecting them against loss, damage, and delay.

I don't need "Guide Shipping Protection"

We provide shipping insurance for each product,
If you do not want to purchase shipping insurance for your items please do so.

Please check the shopping cart and cancel "Green Shipping Protection" before checking out. (As shown below)

If you have completed checkout and do not want to purchase insurance, you can contact customer service support to apply for an insurance refund.
We are always committed to providing you with quality service no matter what the situation.