Founded about 20 years ago, it is located in a small factory in Guangdong. Ceenli has grown into one of the strong down jacket manufacturers.
Vino Zhang came to Guangdong with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. In 1998, he founded Ceenli Garment Ltd. in Zhongshan, specializing in T-shirts, sweaters and windbreakers.
Jack Joe joined the company, brought the most advanced down filling machine at the time, and opened a new era of Ceenli down jacket.
Inspired by other excellent down jacket manufacturers, Ceenli started the development and production of Parker coats. It has gradually become the favorite brand of people in the severe cold areas in the north.
Ceenli started the online marketing model and officially entered the era of e-commerce. It ignited the company's growth and made more people familiar with and love Ceenli.
Ceenli acquired a clothing manufacturing plant in Fujian to meet the increasing demand for products and further consolidate the position of the Ceenli brand in people's hearts.
Ceenli officially established a global headquarters in Hong Kong and greatly improved its production capacity. The company has been recognized by the local government department for years of excellent quality control.
Ceenli has fully opened its exquisite service model and has opened multiple websites in Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other places to provide convenient and high-quality services for local consumers.